Hardware & Software

The physical parts or components of a computer, including monitors, keyboard, memory, storage devices and more.

CPU Crossword Puzzle

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Binary Logic Gap Fill

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Secondary Storage: Definition, Technology & Devices

Candidates should be able to: explain the need for secondary storage describe common storage technologies such as optical, magnetic and solid state select suitable storage devices and storage media for a given application and justify their choice using characteristics such as capacity, speed, portability, durability and reliability. Why is secondary storage needed? Although RAM can …

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Boolean logic – Binary Logic

Candidates should be able to: explain why data is represented in computer systems in binary form understand and produce simple logic diagrams using the operations NOT, AND and OR produce a truth table from a given logic diagram. Why is data represented in computer systems in binary form? Computer systems are based on logic circuits. …

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Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Computer Systems Candidates should be able to: define a computer system describe the importance of computer systems in the modern world explain the need for reliability in computer systems explain the need for adherence to suitable professional standards in the development, use and maintenance of computer systems explain the importance of ethical, environmental and legal …

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