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Frequently Asked Questions About KS3 Character Sets

What is a character set?

A character set is a collection of symbols, letters, and characters used in a specific language or script. The most common character set used in computers is the ASCII character set, which consists of 128 characters, including the English alphabet, numerals, and various punctuation marks.

What is the difference between ASCII and Unicode?

ASCII is a character set that consists of 128 characters, while Unicode is a character set that contains over 100,000 characters, including characters from most of the world's written languages. Unicode is used in most modern computer systems to support the representation of a wide range of scripts and symbols.

How are characters stored in a computer?

Characters are stored in a computer using binary code. Each character is assigned a unique code that can be represented as a combination of 1s and 0s. These codes are then used to represent characters when they are displayed on a screen or printed on paper.

What is character encoding?

Character encoding is the process of converting characters into a binary code that can be stored and processed by a computer. Different character sets use different encoding systems, and different encoding systems can result in different representations of the same character.

Why is character encoding important?

Character encoding is important because it ensures that the characters that are stored and processed by a computer can be properly displayed and interpreted by other computer systems. Proper character encoding is necessary for accurate and consistent communication between different computer systems and for the preservation of text and data over time.