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46 Computer Science Topics

We’ve created 46 modules covering every Computer Science topic needed for GCSE level. These are transferable across AQA, CIE, Edexcel, CIE & Internationally. Suitable for teachers or home educators alike.

Whether you’re a brand new Computer Science teacher, or you’ve been teaching ICT for years, our resources will save you hours and hours of lesson preparation every single week.

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  • This program uses EEPROM location 1 to store a high score.
  • The program counts button presses, if the button is pressed more times than the high score then the high score is updated and stored back in EEPROM location 1.
  • LED's are used as indicators. Amber = waiting for a button press, red = not a new high score and green = a new high score.
  • The high score and the score are both displayed on an OLED screen.