The basics of computer programming, including arrays, iteration loops, validation checks, data types, and more.

Control Flow in Imperative Languages

Candidates should be able to: understand and use sequence in an algorithm understand and use selection in an algorithm (IF and CASE statements) understand and use iteration in an algorithm (FOR, WHILE and REPEAT loops). What is sequence in an algorithm? Sequence is a control structure where the computer executes the instructions in the order …

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Programming Languages – High-Level Code & Machine Code

Candidates should be able to: explain the difference between high level code and machine code explain the need for translators to convert high level code to machine code describe the characteristics of an assembler, a compiler and an interpreter describe common tools and facilities available in an integrated development environment (IDE): editors, error diagnostics, run-time …

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Computer Algorithms

Candidates should be able to: understand algorithms (written in pseudocode or as flow diagrams), explain what they do, and correct or complete them produce algorithms in pseudocode or flow diagrams to solve problems. What is an algorithm and how can algorithms be represented? An computer algorithm is a sequence of statements (instructions) that can be …

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