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Comprehensive GCSE, KS3 & A-Level Computer Computer Science teaching resources for teaching students Aged 11-18.
Suitable for use with AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR & International Schooling

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Icons8Python Course

Comprehensive Computer Science resources spanning GCSE, KS3 & A-Level. Over 150 topics explored for students aged 11-18. Perfect for UK or International use. Contains PowerPoint lesson, classroom worksheets, homework, starter activities, flashcards, comprehensive revision notes, and student quizzes.

Computer Science lessons

Over 48 GCSE Computer Science topics, 45 KS3 & 35+ A Level topics. These are all aligned to the specific age groups and suitable for teaching or homeschooling.

All exam boards

Our modules can be used with all exam boards, with mapping tables to help you align to OCR, AQA, or Edexcel spec. Our resources are generic in nature so utilised by teachers & students across the globe.


Trusted by over 5,000 Computer Science teachers in the UK and abroad who use our resources in their classroom.

Student led learning

Help your students to fully understand the topics with activities, homework, and quizzes.

Easy to edit

Resources are provided in editable PowerPoint and Word document formats to easily edit for your class.

Additional Python Material

Introduction to Python Computer Science resources also available at no additional cost.


Your resources have been so helpful to my lesson planning. No more hours of planning activities and plenaries.
PowerPoint lessons, revision Notes and flashcards are easy to use, content well-structured and easy to understand. Great work, well done!

Daniel Anaman, Computer Science Teacher

Since coming to Teach in Scotland SQA system I had no books or resources. I obtained the materials from Teach Computer Science and I have been able to provide my students with materials they can use to learn theory and practical applications.

The revision notes and the quiz help make my teaching role easier. I am the only Computer Science teacher in the local area and I get students from other Schools to learn at my location.

I have a lot of elements to teach so this set of packages help me manage my time, leaving me to build resources to amplify the learning. In COVID 19 it has been a valuable time saver, where I have to write everything online.

Keep up the good work Teach Computer Science.

Andy Hynds, Teacher in Scotland

I love the ease of access, ease of adaptation and how well organised and planned each resource is. I have followed Teach Computer Science for a very long time, and it has become better and better each year on year. All the information is up to date and covered exactly what is needed. There is more than enough assessment material covering all areas. Makes my teaching term much easier.

Hamza Shahid, Computer Science Teacher, UK

We have found Teach Computer Science to be impressive. We have in our 15 years of Home Educating used many companies to support us on our journey, but for computer science knowledge and direction in the exam syllabus, these guys are FAB. When needing to chat with them they have been wonderful, nothing is ever too much trouble. It has been a pleasure using their service and resources, and we will be for many more years to come.

Sue Button, Home Educator

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