Data Storage

Optical, magnetic, and solid state hard drives, data capacity, speed, reliability, portability and durability.


Systems require storage units whether it was for short term or long term purposes. Computer systems take advantage of the memory systems they have, whether it was Random Access Memory (RAM), Read-Only Access Memory (ROM), and highly dense storage units like hard drives. You might be thinking why we can’t have one storage unit for …

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Data Compression

What is Data Compression? Data compression is used everywhere. Many different file types use compressed data. Without data compression a 3-minute song would be over 100Mb in size, while a 10-minute video would be over 1Gb in size. Data compression shrinks big files into much smaller ones. It does this by getting rid of unnecessary …

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MP3 Audio Compression

The MP3 is a relatively fresh discovery in digital music and sound.  Before MP3, there was only the compact disc (CD).  The audio on a CD is translated from an analog source like a master tape, but nowadays most audio is saved directly in a digital format. The MP3 process removes those sounds we can’t …

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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

MIDI, which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a connectivity standard for transmitting digital instrument data.  It is mainly utilised by computers, electronic keyboards and synthesisers.  In addition, it is supported by other instruments like beat boxes, electronic drums, and even digital stringed instruments, like guitars and violins. MIDI is a protocol designed for recording and playing …

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Data Storage Capacity

Data storage capacity refers to how much data can be saved in a storage device.  Different storage devices have different capacities.  Some have small data capacity while others have huge data capacity. Data Storage In layman’s terms, storage is a place where you put things for safekeeping or for future use.  In technical terms, data …

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Storage Devices

A storage device is a piece of computer hardware used for saving, carrying and pulling out data.  It can keep and retain information short-term or long-term.  It can be a device inside or outside a computer or server.  Other terms for storage device is storage medium or storage media. A storage device is one of …

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