A-Level Python Course

A complete beginner’s guide to Python, built specifically for A-Level students to teach the core computing programming concepts they need.

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Teach Python to Your Students

Our A-level Python course will prepare students for their A-level Computer Science exams by covering the fundamental programming concepts using the simple, easy-to-follow Python syntax.

We cover fundamentals like:

  • Basic input and output of Python code
  • Introduction to variables, functions, and loops
  • Readability and control flow of code
  • Working with strings, files, and lists
  • Standard search and sort algorithms
  • Linked lists, stacks and queues, graphs and trees
  • Hash tables and dictionaries, file processing, and exception handling
  • Using databases

What’s Included?

We’ve created 22 lessons covering every basic programming topic needed for A-level students, and each module contains:

  • An editable PowerPoint lesson presentation
  • Editable revision handouts
  • Interactive activities where students can actually use Python themselves
  • A quiz with an accompanying answer key to test knowledge and understanding of the lesson

Course Progress

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A-Level Python Course Modules

Below is a complete breakdown of the Python programming lessons we have that will help your students to understand all of the core programming concepts in bitesize, understandable chunks.

Introduction to Python

Free sample lesson

Variables and data types

Input and output statements

Introduction to object-oriented programming

Implementing standard search algorithms

Implementing standard sort algorithms

Implementing linked lists

Implementing stacks and queues

Implementing graphs and trees

Implementing hash tables and dictionaries

File processing and exception handling

Using databases